References : Project management & cost control

TVC - Digital project - Content - Print

Cost control of a TVC for Bonduelle

Production of a TVC covering all Bonduelle brands (3 versions, 3 product plan options)


3 films

1 month for shoot, post and delivery

25% budget reduction


  • Anticipation and management of production solutions within sanitary constraints (COVID), and overall budget management

> 25% budget reduction

  • Exceptional planning constraints

> shoot & delivery of all films within a month

  • Usage Rights negotiation and contract management

Cost control of an IMC campaign for Nissan

Production of all contents (TVC, Print, CRM, Digital) linked to the launch campaign for the new Juke model


  • Objective to produce as much content as possible within a fixed and challenging overall budget, split across 4 agencies
  • Finding production solutions, coordination of these with the agencies, optimising initial costs and enabling additional content to be produced


24 separated contents

4 agencies coordinated

33% budget optimisation

Cost control of a CRM & Social scope of work for Dolce Gusto

Strategic and ambitious CRM & social program, developed across 2 agencies


+ 100K€ budget optimisation


  • Upfront agency budget clarification and setting, support to split decision
  • Annual fees and production cost control across all CRM and social projects