References : Project management & cost control

TVC - Digital project - Content - Print

Cost control of a TVC for Bonduelle

TVC covering all Bonduelle brands (3 versions, 3 product plan options)


3 films

1 month for shoot, post and delivery

25% budget reduction


  • Anticipation and management of production solutions within sanitary constraints (COVID), and overall budget management

> 25% budget reduction

  • Exceptional planning constraints

> shoot & delivery of all films within a month

  • Usage Rights negotiation and contract management

Cost control of an IMC campaign for Nissan

Contents (TVC, Print, CRM, Digital) linked to the launch campaign for the new Juke model


  • Objective to produce as much content as possible within a fixed and challenging overall budget, split across 4 agencies
  • Finding production solutions, coordination of these with the agencies, optimising initial costs and enabling additional content to be produced


24 separated contents

4 agencies coordinated

33% budget optimisation

Cost control of a CRM & Social scope of work for Dolce Gusto

Strategic and ambitious CRM & social program, developed across 2 agencies


+ 100K€ budget optimisation


  • Upfront agency budget clarification and setting, support to split decision
  • Annual fees and production cost control across all CRM and social projects