Useful solutions &
smart optimisations

We optimise budgets and communication campaigns across TV, print, digital & we manage usage rights to deliver more with less


What we do

In a “hands-on” manner, we act as neutral experts in the interest of the brand and the project, influencing the agency and production partners.

To produce more with less, optimise budgets. To clarify and smoothen the processes and communication between all parties.

To allow an artistic choice informed of budget timings and technical impacts. To better anticipate requirements, and avoid additional costs.

What we deliver


Of requirements, costs, strengths and points of improvement specific to each advertiser and their organisation


Of production configurations and costs, with agencies and production houses, before the choice of director

Anticipation of future usage rights

Peace of mind

Within the process in pre and post production, ensuring a transparent and clear communication

Avoid / negotiate additional costs

Support technical choices

22% budget optimisation

Reducing time

Improvement of the agency – advertiser relationship

& coordination

What we do

Decoupling is an innovative split of responsibilities between the traditional creative agency for the strategy and creative idea, and a neutral and more agile production coordinator for the production of the campaign and all its adaptations.

Our expertise as a production consultant puts us in an ideal position as a production decoupling partner.

To lead the choice of production partner, optimally manage the budget, production configuration, anticipate and stay true to the objectives.

What we deliver


Constantly on the look out, we bring new, innovative and emerging production partners


Time saving and improved clarity thanks to the choice of the most relevant production partner, and an effective and flexible project management

Peace of mind

Smooth and direct communication leading to a clear and peaceful coordination

22% budget optimisation

By handing the production management to a team who has the expertise

Usage rights

What we do

We negotiate all usage rights directly with rights holders, on behalf of the Brand, and in its best interest.

We manage usage rights across the length of a campaign (renewals and extensions).

We contractualise usage rights with each rights holders on behalf of the brand.

What we deliver


Of the campaign ambition (short medium long term)

Of the usage rights budget

Of the scope of use (media, territory, length)


Of all content usage requirements, pre-negotiating options (additional use / renewals…)


On costs and usage scope

On renewal deadlines

On negotiation and management fees

15% to 20% budget optimisation

Overall understanding of Brand requirements

Needs that are better defined and anticipated

An overall negotiation and usage rights optimisation