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Our references in cost control, production coordination and usage rights management


logo Bonduelle

Cost control TVC and usage rights management

Campaign « Des légumes qui facilitent l'envie » of Bonduelle


Production by the creative agency of a cross-brands TVC

Need for 3 versions of the film with 3 different product shot options

Challenging timing and budget constraints (1 month for production, 25% budget reduction during project development)

Shooting under COVID health constraints


Anticipation/proposal of alternative production solutions within constraints (advising country of shooting location, anticipation of solutions in the event of COVID outbreak)

Management and contract set up of campaign usage rights directly with rights holders

1 cross brand TVC with 3 different products

25% budget optimisation estimated

Counsel and budget optimisation in the interest of the brand in a context of challenging constraints

logo Nissan

Cost control IMC campaign

Campaign « E-power » of Nissan


European launch of ePower technology on all NISSAN models (Ariya, Qashqai, Juke, Xtrail)

Production of a specific film per model

Shooting in 5 different countries

First attempt at bundling film shoots with the objective of optimising budgets


Study of feasibility of bundling in a context of different creatives

Proposal of alternative production solutions (virtual studio)

Supervision of the scope of rights for variations for use in all European markets, North Africa, South Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand


4 master films / over 100 versions

16% budget optimisation estimated vs separate shootings

Long-term trust relationship, 100% satisfaction 100% transparent

Counsel and budget optimisation in the interest and in agreement with the brand

& coordination

logo Nespresso

Production coordination IMC campaign adaptation

Campaign co-stars Vertu POP for Nespresso

Campaigns created internationally to be adapted locally for France for TV, OOH, DOOH, press, social media, display

Internal organisation requiring a single post-production partner responsible of all adaptations for all markets

Need to smoothen and structure the relationship and communication between the brand and the post-production/adaptation partner

Need for creative input


Clear and smooth coordination of all parties (internal teams, media and creative agencies, HQ)

Support for retail, trade and B2B teams in their development of Media content for a consistency of campaigns

Support in defining needs and optimisation of internal processes

Creative input and strategic recommendations




+100 press releases

Main point of contact regarding Assets and Brand ID

Improvement of internal processes

100% trust and tranquility

100% on time deliveries

Transparent relationship and daily availability for the brand team

Usage rights

logo Cassegrain

Usage rights management of a TVC campaign

Campaign Cassegrain


In the context of the production of the new Brand campaign, need for long-term use of content

First experience for the brand of usage rights management decoupling with a 3rd party partner


Definition of the ambition and scope of usage rights of the campaign

Anticipation of needs and implementation of a rights negotiation strategy in agreement with the brand

Optimisation of music expenses by 22% when removing agency intermediaries, amongst other things


Global management of campaign usage rights (talent and music)

22% optimisation estimated budget on music usage rights

Serene, happy and smooth negotiations with rights holders in agreement with the brand