References : Digital coordination & project management

Website, Activation, UX, SEO, CRM, Social Media

Case #1 – La Vache Qui Rit
Digital activation
Case #2 – Nestlé Health Science
SEO optimisations
Case #3 – Herta SAS
Digital ecosystem

Project management of a digital activation for La Vache qui Rit

Digital activation with on-pack promotion, media campaign


Digital activation with on-pack promotion, media campaign

Coordination of 6 agencies & stakeholders

37% budget optimisation


  • Identification and clarification of the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder (6 agencies, creation of a detailed RACI)
  • Support for decision making and cost control of the production budgets for digital activation, on-pack promotion and social media animation
  • Project assessment, definition of KPI’s, functional specifications, coordination & project management of the digital and social media activation
  • Project follow-up and agencies coordination, reporting in one pager format centralizing agencies data, end-of-operation analysis report

SEO optimisations for Nestlé Health Science

SEO analysis & optimisation of a health website


  • Definition of the objectives, prioritization of the axes of optimization via a Google Analytics analysis
  • Identification of contributors: specialized health writers, SEO agency, graphic designer
  • Assessment of the production: SEO audit of keywords & technical optimizations to be implemented, articles to be completed & written, infographics to be created to visually enrich the articles
  • Project follow-up and coordination of the stakeholders, continuous analysis of the performance


SEO analysis & optimisations

Coordination of 4 stakeholders

3 infographics et 30 articles created

Coordination and project management of a digital ecosystem restructuring

Within the context of a creation of a new independent digital ecosystem with new brand site & content migration


Digital ecosystem rebuild with migration

17% budget optimisation

Coordination of 3 agencies


  • Audit of the existing situation and needs, recommendation of an action plan, estimation of the budget and creation of the consolidated plan
  • Assessment of the different stages of the project and the scope of the agencies, cost control of the estimates
  • Functional and technical decision support, anticipation of future needs, coordination, management and operational follow-up of agencies and their productions
  • Identification and assessment of needs for the implementation of a DAM/PIM tool