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Production roster and decoupling

International Group


Launch of a dedicated BU, requiring the development of several international campaigns across a large volume of assets

Within global productions and local adaptations, need for an optimal budget management, to reduce time to market, and ensure legal coverage of usage rights, within a decentralised organisation working with several boutique creative  agencies 


Design and implementation of an A to Z decoupling process in collaboration with the creative agencies,

A usage rights management process including DAM solution,

A consolidated production house roster relevant to the creative and production requirements

Coordination of global campaigns productions and adaptations


40% reduction of time to market from brief to master assets delivery compared to other BUs working in a traditional model

35% cost efficiencies (fees + production) compared to other BUs

Complete ownership and availability of all assets raw materials for flexible re-use

Central visibility of all assets local usage

Usage rights

logo Joker

Agency pitch management for brand repositionning



As Joker redefines its brand positionning and product range, it reviews its agency ecosystem and is looking for a strategy and creative agency

The cultural, organisational and budget aspects are as important as the strategy and creative relevance


Benchmark pre-selecting 5 agencies relevant to the brand and its objectives

Chemistry meeting focused on a specific brand problem to overcome

Selection of 2 agencies to pitch

Management of the process, anticipation and agreement on budget and contract matters before the final decision

Support in the final decision and the operational set up of the relationship


Only 2 agencies pitching, the unsuccessful one being remunerated: effective process for the brand and the participating agencies

Decision based on strategy and creative thanks to the budget and contract anticipation

A decision based on a strategy and creative that will see the light of day

Implementation of the basis for a sustainable, effective and efficient relationship